About Jackie B

Jackie B has been an entrepreneur and a teacher and a creative for over 30 years. Jackie began her entrepreneurial life with a CPA firm that served small businesses and many creative clients. Later her practice morphed into a small business consulting firm that continues today as Babicky Performance Partners.

Jackie is also a teacher. She currently teaches business skills and entrepreneurship skills for hundreds of small business at the Small Business Development Center of Portland Community College. She has also been a corporate trainer for numerous organizations who wanted to learn how to communicate, work in teams, develop problem solving skills and become more financially successful.

Jackie is well known in the Portland Area by hundreds of entrepreneurs particularly those with creative endeavors; photographers, artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, potters, and fine and performing artists. Jackie has helped many of them find their focus and become financially independent.

Most creative entrepreneurs have been told all their lives that it's fine to practice their craft, be it graphic art, writing, photography or sewing, but this is usually followed with the comment “but there is no money in that, so what you really need is a business degree.”