Better, Richer, Smarter!

Better, Smarter, Richer! shows creative entrepreneurs how to practice their craft AND make money doing so. The book’s lessons are told in the form of real life stories of creative entrepreneurs making the choices that result in a financially successful and sustainable enterprise. Topics include, just to name a few, the fantastic power of focus, making business decisions from passion rather than from fear, how to charge more money and overcome competition, tools for leveraging a single hour of work over and over again, and finally, how to develop a following of happy clients.

Better, Smarter, Richer! has ten steps, each outlining and discussing one strategy of entrepreneurial success for the creative entrepreneur whether they be a stained glass restoration expert or a film casting director. The chapters each have a format which explains the step to success then accounts real life stories that illustrate the step and give the reader tools to assess him or herself relative to the step being covered. Each chapter will include at least one work sheet readers can use to integrate the lessons into his or her enterprise.