From Marian Spadone of A Fine Farewell.  Marian is an artist.  She designs and sews burial shrouds and is changing the burial industry.

“…let me say that you are a GREAT teacher and I wish all of the classes were taught by you!   I felt engaged last night, even through the descending ‘numerical fog’.  But more than that, your knowledge of the craft of entrepreneurship is so woven into your …being!…that it just flows out of you in all sorts of subtle ways.  Your classes are full of so much more than the materials you present.  This is really important!   There are tips and ideas and tricks and advice and helpful ‘re-frames’ in much of your commentary, and this makes class time rich and dense and very valuable.  Thank you so much!”

Most creative entrepreneurs have been told all their lives that it's fine to practice their craft, be it graphic art, writing, photography or sewing, but this is usually followed with the comment “but there is no money in that, so what you really need is a business degree.”